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CGS Add On Tools

CLS Tools

The following lists the tools available:

	ada2tps       	generates Interleaf text from Ada source code

	assemble      	I-Code Assembler, generates I-Code from Assembler source

   	call          	allows to call single system library procedures/functions
                 	from the command line

	check  (*)   	UCL Checker, performs additional checks on UCL source code
                      	and generates warnings
			Tool is called "Check_Source_Code" in I_MDB

   	debug           low-level I-Code debugger, allows to debug the debugger
                 	support interface of an I-Code interpreter

	decode (*)     	I-Code Decoder, translates binary I-Code into readable
                 	Assembler text

  	dependencies(*) lists all dependencies of UCL/HLCL/CPL compilation units

	dms           	DMS Emulator, accepts socket connections from e. g. LAPAP
                 	and reacts on certain requests (read/write data items,
                 	execute APs)

   	format        	performs simple reformatting on Ada source code

	generate      	text generator, generates files, MDB items or lists from
                 	tables  and text templates containing macros

	hlcl          	HLCL Interpreter as a standalone tool in a simple UNIX
                 	command  window

	hlcl_window   	HLCL Interpreter as a standalone tool with one or more HLCL
                 	command windows

	interpret     	I-Code Interpreter as a standalone tool

	mdb           	MDB access tool, allows to browse the name tree, transfer
                 	data between MDB items and files, delete item contents etc.

	numlib        	adds procedure/function numbers as special comments to UCL
                 	library specifications

	pool            datapool tool, allows to list the contents of an emulated
                 	datapool, or to generate HLCL commands sequences to rebuild
                 	a datapool

	tps2ascii     	filters text from Interleaf documents

	ucl2html  (*)   generates HTML pages from UCL source code
			Tool is called "Source_to_HTML" in I_MDB

	ucl2tps       	generates Interleaf documents from UCL source code

	ucl_design    	extracts design information from UCL compilation units as
                 	Intgerleaf documents

	(*) : tool is available via flexible tool interface of I_MDB when installed

MDB Tools

	The following tools are available for CCUs and CDUs:

	- IDE   	Integrated Development Environment, which allows to browse and
			edit UCL/HLCL/CPL items in the MDB

	- Report Generator  A tool that allows to generate a zip-file containing all
			items of a CDU/CCU in HTML format. 
			The zip file has to be "unzipped":


		        A browser (e.g. Netscape) can then be used to view the files.

	- MDB Browswer	A tool that allows to browse in the CDU or CCU 
			The contents of the selected enditems are shown via HTML tables.

	Tools are called via "CGS Add On Tools" in I_MDB which provides a selection menu.
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