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Check Out Course

Duration 3 Days
Price € 1050 Euro (excl. VAT)
Course timetable - first day 10. 00 to 17.00
- following days 9. 00 to 17.00

After termination of this course the participants are able
  • to set up and prepare test configurations
  • prepare and execute system and subsystem tests
  • command the test system
  • monitor and evaluate tests
  • log and archive test data
  • build and operate synoptic displays
  • evaluate test sessions

  • Participants
  • CGS application developers
  • EGSE engineers

  • Suggested Prerequisites
  • CGS basics

  • Course Objectives
  • Setup in the MDB
  • Preparing a specific Test
  • Data Driven System
  • Distributed Configuration
  • Minimal Configuration
  • General Structure of a Checkout System
  • Modes of Test Operation
  • Command Authorization
  • Command Language System
  • UCL System Library
  • Test Evaluation
  • Test Result Database (TRDB)
  • Logged and Archived Data
  • Simulation Table Editor
  • Evaluating a Test Session
  • Setting up the Test Environment
  • Test System Configuration and Verification (TSCV)
  • CCU Version
  • Test node Commanding and Test Sessions
  • Test Configuration List
  • Load Test Configuration Interface
  • Maintain Test Session
  • Maintain Session Interface
  • Test Execution Basics
  • Commanding the unit under test (UUT)
  • Housekeeping Data and On–line Storage
  • Automatic Data Supervision
  • Online Test Control
  • HLCL Command Tool
  • AP Status
  • Graph Facility
  • Raw Data Dump
  • SAS Status
  • System Advisory
  • Test Node Status
  • Test Node Starting – Monitoring
  • Synoptic Displays
  • Screen Setup Maintenance
  • SAS Concept
  • X–View Environment
  • Evaluation Sessions
  • Statistics Generation
  • Final Archiving

  • Course support facilities and materials
    The training facilities for the practical exercises will be a complete CGS working environment with database server, test node and workstations. Two to three attendants will work on one workstation. The detailed presentation material will be made available (PDF files). The material bases completely on the current user's manuals, which also will be available.
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  • User Command Language (UCL)
  • High Level Command Language (HLCL)

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