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Mr. Peter Schröder

Trainer for CGS Basics-, Mission Database Applications-, Check Out- and Simulation- Courses.

Peter Schröder studied computer science and received his degree (Dipl. Inform.) in 1986 from the Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn. He is with EADS SPACE Transportation GmbH since then where he stems from software integration and test activities. He has been involved in the CGS business in different functions for more than 10 years. Since 1995 Mr. Peter Schröder is trainer for CGS in the Customer Support Center. He successfully held a number of training courses for different Agency- and industrial customers from three day introductory courses up to three week’s hands on training courses. He held courses at EADS SPACE Transportation GmbH and at customer’s site all over Europe and at overseas locations.

Mr. Franz Kruse

Trainer for User Command Language- and High Level Command Language Courses.

Franz Kruse studied computer science at the Technical University of Darmstadt until 1980, and since then is employed at EADS SPACE Transportation GmbH Bremen as a software engineer (Dipl.-Inform.). He has been involved in design, development and integration of software systems in several projects. Within the CGS project he led the team that designed and developed the Columbus Language System (CLS). For several years he has held training courses in UCL (User Control Language), HLCL (High Level Command Language) and Ada. Besides his position at EADS SPACE Transportation GmbH, he has temporary part-time lectureships at the Hochschule Bremen (technical university) on different computer science subjects.

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